Lockdown Setup
Set up lockdown!

Setting up

Want to setup lockdown to protect your server but dont know how? It's really simple. Start by inviting the bot to your server and once it's in do the command -help It will pop up an embed that looks like this:
Lockdowns help message
Once the embed message pops up you can either go through each command category or follow these steps below! Lockdown Setup Steps
  1. 1.
    Create a log channel so you know what's going on in your server. -setlogchannel #channel
  2. 2.
    Once you have your logging channel setup, start whitelisting trusted users. -whitelist @user
  3. 3.
    After you setup your whitelisted users, Turn anti-nuke on so it can protect your server. -antinuke on
  4. 4.
    Finally once you have turned antinuke on, turn on antibot it prevents bots from joining. -antibot on
  5. 5.
    Hooray! You have now fully protected your server. Any problems? Join the support server!
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